Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today was a great day even if I was running on about 5 hours of sleep because of last night's revelry related to my friend LeeAnn's birthday festivities. Still, I managed to get in some hours at work and play a little soccer afterwards too. I closed out the day by heading down to the beach near my house around sunset to get a couple of shots. I'm getting more used to shooting with the Canon, but I'm still dialing everything in yet. I'm also really intrigued by HDR photography and although my brother headed back to Minnesota before installing photoshop CS3 on any of the computers around here, I discovered that iPhoto does a pretty good job faking the effect. Lets be clear though, I'm not the biggest fan of those wildly surrealistic looking HDRs that have become very cliche in the last few years. I'm really trying for a little more subtle approach.

Lake Michigan Sunset (processed in iPhoto)

Trees Near Lake Harbor Park (minimal processing in iPhoto)

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